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The objective of the BiBAT project is to validate a new technology in the framework of Li-ion battery manufacturing which will

Reduce by at least 60 % non renewable energies needs
Reduce by at least 70% mineral resources needs

The project will develop and validate a pilot line with a new generation of ecological Li-Ion battery based on the concept of bipolar architecture.


  • Total budget 2,736,132€
  • European Union contribution (LIFE) : 1,368,066€ (50%)
  • Coordinating beneficiary’s contribution (CEA) : 972,610€
  • Associated beneficiary’s contribution (KMS) : 790,912€


Logo LifeLife is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment. Its general objective of is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental policy and legislation by co-financing pilot or demonstration projects with European added value. LIFE has cofinanced more than 3,000 project across the EU since 1992.
> http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/


Logo CEACEA is a French State research agency for nuclear and alternative energy. CEA works at the different level of the development, which is necessary to improve the efficiency and the quality of the new technologies routes. Its great experience in the development of battery system and innovative materials will be crucial in this project
> http://www.cea.fr


KMS LogoKMS is developing and manufacturing specialized custom-specific high precision production equipment in the electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical sector. Its special expertise in the development and reliable manufacturing of new innovative machines will be essential in BiBAT.
> http://www.kms-automation.de

Expected Results

Global warming potential of the Li-Ion battery manufacturing reduced by a factor of 2 Impact of the Li-Ion battery manufacturing on ecosystem quality reduced by 50% Reduction of human toxicity caused by the Li-Ion battery manufacturing Life time of the Li-Ion battery improved by a factor of 2 for microhybrid cars Increase the microhybrid applications and related market opportunities

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